Tagestraining 14.03.2015


  1. A) Turkish Get Up Practice
  2. B) AMRAP 7: Alternating Turkish Get Ups (slow and controlled)
  3. C) 3 Sets of Strict False Grip Pull Ups on Rings
  4. D) TABATA: Push Ups, Abmat Sit Ups, Box Jumps (24 intervals, rotate through movements)



  1. A) TABATA Row: 20 sec hard, 10 sec easy
  2. B) TABATA HS Hold
  3. C) Accumulate 2 min in L-Sit/Hang
  4. D) For Time: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3: Thrusters (42,5/30kg) – Burpees over Bar



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